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Chaz Mueller

Scorpio. Likes Chinese food, witchy shit, science stuff and swimming. Dislikes spicy stuff, spit talkers, and overly political people on either side. Began my piercing career at Mystic Marks tattoo company, in San Marcos, Tx. while I was attending Texas State University to be a dentist in 1996, I dropped out and moved to Arizona in 2002, started at Bright Ideas tattoo co, in 2003 got my associates degree in Mortuary Science in 2015 while concurrently working at the tattoo shop. Currently a licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer and now working on my bachelors degree in mortuary science & still working here at the tattoo shop because I like my coworkers and the gig is pretty cool. #chazfabulous #bitchinmortician #piercingprincess

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